Leaning & Bowing Walls in Oklahoma

hydrostatic pressure causing wall crackSome of the most distressing structural problems are rotating, bowing, bulging or leaning foundation walls. If any of these issues are affecting your foundation walls, it is a sure sign that your home is suffering from foundation failure. It is a good idea to have your home inspected regularly to find and fix foundation issues as soon as they occur. Pierman Foundation Repair Services has all of the necessary resources and experience to take care of any problems that may occur with your rotating or bowing foundation walls. We are proud to offer our premiere foundation repair services to the states of Oklahoma.

Most often, problems with the basement walls in your home are caused by changes in the moisture content if the soil around your foundation, especially excess water. When the soil around your home absorbs more water than normal, the hydrostatic pressure increases. This increased pressure pushes against the foundation causing it to shift. In some cases, this pressure will cause the foundation walls to bow inward, lean inward, bulge, or even rotate. If the problem becomes severe enough, it may even cause cracks to form in the walls. This can weaken your foundation, leading to problems such as:

  • Wet basement
  • Pest infestation
  • Sloped or uneven floor
  • Floor cracks
  • Gaps between walls and floors

If you notice any of these issues in your home, it is important to contact a foundation repair specialist immediately. The longer you wait to repair your walls, the worse the problem will become; this could result in more extensive and costly repair work. The team at Pierman Foundation Repair Services can help you get your foundation walls back to normal in no time.

Leaning and Rotating Wall Solutions for Oklahoma

bowing wall fix with helical tiebacksTo fix the rotating, bowing, or leaning walls in your home, we can install helical tiebacks. These tiebacks are large, screw like devices that are designed to straighten the wall by applying opposite horizontal pressure. Helical tiebacks are installed in the wall by screwing them in from the inside. First, a small hole is drilled through the interior of the basement wall. Next, the tiebacks are screwed into the ground, providing enough lateral pressure to straighten the wall and bring it back to its proper position. These tiebacks will support the wall and close any cracks that may have formed in the wall as a result of the bowing or bulging. Helical tiebacks are a simple solution that do not require exterior excavation.

If the bowing or leaning walls in your basement have resulted in any other foundation problems, such as settlement or sinking, it may be necessary to install helical piers or steel piers beneath the foundation. These underpinning piers support the weight of the structure and lift the foundation to the original level by anchoring into the load bearing soil deep underground.

Whatever the cause of your bowing or bulging basement walls, Pierman Foundation Repair Services has a solution. If you live in Muskogee, Oklahoma or the surrounding area and are in need of foundation repair, contact us today.