Door & Window Problems in Oklahoma

sticking doorsThe doors and windows in your home are very important. Not only do they provide you with access to the outside world, they also let in light and air, helping your regulate the temperature in your home without using your heating and cooling systems. Sometimes however, due to foundation issues, problems will develop with your doors and windows. They may become difficult to close or open, cracks may form in the walls around them, or they will start to separate fro the walls surrounding them. If any of these issues arise, it may be a sign of foundation failure, and a professional such as those at Pierman Foundation Repair Services of Oklahoma should be notified immediately. Many homeowners try to blame their sticking doors and windows on the humidity. But the truth is, it could actually be the result of foundation failure. If your foundation starts to shift or settle, the windows or doors may become hard to open, as the foundation is uneven. The sinking, uneven floor can also cause gaps to open between the walls and the windows or doors, as well as cracks to form. The most common causes of a sinking or settling foundation are:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: If the ground around your foundation is more saturated with water than normal, it will cause an increase in the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. This pressure puts stress on the foundation; if the stress becomes too much for the foundation, it may cause the foundation to shift or settle.
  • Erosion: Excess water in the soil can also lead to erosion, which washes away soil beneath the foundation and causes voids to form. These voids do not support the foundation, causing it to sink and settle.
  • Soil shrinkage: Soil shrinkage due to extreme heat or dry conditions can also cause voids to form, leading to foundation settlement and sinking.
  • Poor soil compaction: If the soil under the foundation was not properly compacted at the time the home was constructed, it will settle over time. As the soil settles, the foundation above will sink along with it.

Door and Window Solutions for Oklahoma Including Muskogee, OK

To fix doors and windows that are sticking or separating from the walls, the foundation problems must be addressed. Sinking and settling foundation can usually be fixed by installing underpinning products such as helical piers or steel push piers. These piers are driven into the ground beneath the foundation and used to support and lift the foundation to its original level. This brings the foundation and the floor above back to their proper positions, fixing most problems with doors and windows. Pierman Foundation Repair Services of Oklahoma offers several quality foundation repair services for your door and window problems. Contact us today for more information.