Beam & Post Problems (Leaning, Bent, Curved) in Oklahoma

Our foundation repair methods will fix any beam and post problems for homes in OK and ARThe basement often causes many problems for homeowners. When there is a foundation problem with your home, it may cause structural problems in the basement, such as leaning, bent, or curved basement support beams and posts. if the beams and posts in your basement become bent or curved, it can lead to an unstable floor in the rooms above. This can cause various problems, from wall cracks to sticking doors and windows. Leaning beams and posts are a serious issue, and should be repaired as soon as possible. The foundation experts at Pierman Foundation Repair Services can provide you with reliable solutions to repair the bent or curved beams and posts in your basements.

In most cases, problems with the support beams and posts in your home are the result of an unstable foundation and are caused by a shifting or settling foundation. Foundation movement can happen for many different reasons, including erosion, soil shrinkage, poor soil compaction, increased hydrostatic pressure, or even vegetation growth. Leaning or bent beams and posts in your basement could also indicate a moisture problem in your home. If excess moisture in your basement results in wood rot and metal rust, it can weaken the support system underneath your home.

There are a few symptoms to watch out for when trying to determine whether or not your beam and post problems are the result of a foundation problem. These signs are:

  • Sagging or uneven floor: When the beams and posts in your basement start to curve or bend, they will take the floor above down with them, causing it to sag and become uneven.
  • Gaps and spaces: If the floors are sagging due to unstable beams and posts, they will pull away from the walls, leaving gaps and spaces between the floor and walls in your home. These gaps can also form between the walls and the ceiling if the walls are not properly supported by the floor underneath.
  • Cracks: The lack of support from the leaning posts and sagging beams may put stress on the walls, ceiling, and floor of your home, causing cracks to form. These cracks will likely form toward the edges of the ceiling and walls, or around doors and windows.
  • Wet basement: Because the failing support beams in the basement may lead to gaps and spaces, or crack formation, there is a chance that these leaning posts and curved beams may lead to a wet or damp basement or crawl space.

Beam and Post Solutions for Oklahoma Including Muskogee, OK

Because the problems with your beams and posts are most likely the result of foundation settling or sinking, the best solution is to support the foundation with underpinning services from Pierman Foundation Repair Services. We can install helical piers or steel push piers to transfer the weight of the structure from the unstable foundation to the load bearing soil deep underground. The foundation can then be raised to its original position.

If you live in Oklahoma and are in need of repair solutions for your beam and post problems, contact Pierman Foundation Repair Services today.