Foundation Crumbling, Chipping & Flaking in OK

crumbling foundation in oklahomaSettlement and sinking are not the only problems that can affect a foundation. Often, the concrete that makes up the foundation of a home will begin to crumble, chip, or flake away. When this happens, it is a sign that the concrete has become weakened and is in need of some serious attention. Crumbling concrete also detracts from the curb appeal of your home; no one wants to see concrete that is falling apart at the bottom of their home. Chipping and flaking foundations can happen for several different reasons. Sometimes, the crumbling concrete on your foundation is an indicator of a deeper foundation issue or poor drainage issue that should be looked at right away by a foundation expert such as those at Pierman Foundation Repair Services.

If your crumbling foundation is the result of foundation failure, there will likely be other signs present. These signs include:

One of the causes of foundation flaking is rotten concrete. If the concrete was improperly mixed at the time of construction (too much water, or dirt mixed in), then it may be be prone to rotting. Concrete crumbling can also be the result of excess water pooling around the foundation or dripping down the side of the home. If water is allowed to pool around the home, it may start to eat away at the foundation. This weakens the concrete, leading to deterioration and other foundation and structural problems. If the chipping and flaking foundation is accompanied by foundation cracks and settlement, it is probably a sign of foundation failure. This settlement or sinking can be the result of excess groundwater and increased hydrostatic pressure, erosion, soil shrinkage, or poor soil compaction.

Solutions for Crumbling Foundations in Oklahoma

steel piers repair crumbling foundations in OklahomaWhatever the cause of your crumbling or flaking foundation, it is important to have it repaired as soon as possible. Pierman Foundation Repair Service offers several different options to prevent crumbling and flaking foundations. If the flaking or chipping concrete on your foundation is the result of settlement and foundation cracks, the best solution is to support and lift the foundation with underpinning services. Steel push pier installation and helical pier installation are both great options for this. Polyjacking may also help lift the concrete back to the proper position and stabilize it to prevent cracks and shipping in the future.

Most often, the crumbling of your foundation has to do with exposure to water. This can happen when the surface drainage or exterior drainage systems do not work properly. These systems are designed to keep water away from the foundation, preventing pooling and excess groundwater. To prevent foundation crumbling, it is important to make sure that the gutters and downspouts are functioning properly, and that the grading around the home is properly sloped. These are all components of the surface drainage system, and will keep water away from the foundation so that it cannot weaken or deteriorate the concrete.

If you live in Oklahoma and are in need of repair for your crumbling or flaking foundation, contact Pierman Foundation Repair Services today.