Do You Have a Structurally Weak Crawlspace? Here are 8 Reasons Why

Your home’s crawlspace may be out of sight, but it should never be out of mind. Often neglected, this vital space plays a crucial role in the overall stability of your home. When it weakens, it can lead to a

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Musty Odors Invading Your Home? Check the Crawl Space

Musty odors in a home with a crawl space? It ‘must’ be moisture problems. Musty odors are a sure sign there is dangerous moisture and mold in the crawl space. Crawl Space Maintenance Crucial Even if you own one of

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Do You Have Sticking Windows?

Foundation Problems Might Be To Blame Are your windows sticking? Have you already tried cleaning and lubricating the window track and removing any paint? How about your doors? Are they sticking, too. Have you adjusted and taken care of issues

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5 Questions to Consider When Installing a Vapor Barrier for Your Crawlspace

When it comes to maintaining a healthy home, one often overlooked aspect is the crawlspace. Properly addressing moisture issues in this area is crucial for preventing structural damage, mold growth, and other related problems. One effective solution is installing a

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Crawl Space Foundation Repair

Basement foundations seem to get all the press when it comes to home repairs, with crawl spaces being the forgotten stepchild. However, crawl space foundations are just as important as basement ones. In addition, since they don’t get noticed, it

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When is the Best Time for Foundation Repair?

You may not be thinking a lot about your foundation in the dead of winter or maybe you’re worried about that crack that seems to be getting bigger or perhaps you’re looking to buy a house that has a foundation

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Concrete Preparation for Winter

The way the weather has been the last few years, it’s hard to guess what will happen this winter. It’s a good idea to make sure your concrete is ready for whatever Mother Nature may bring. When the seasons change,

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Why Do I Need a Waterproofing Strategy for My Home?

Maintaining the structural integrity of your residence is a cornerstone of responsible homeownership. Central to this commitment is safeguarding your home against water-related damage. A robust waterproofing strategy is instrumental in fortifying homes in Oklahoma against the perils of moisture

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How is Crawl Space Encapsulation Done?

For many homeowners, the crawl space is a bit of a mystery. You might store your Christmas decorations down there, and you might peek down if there’s a funny noise coming from the crawl space. But many homeowners are not

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Need Concrete Repair?

In need of concrete repair? Pierman Foundation Repair Services has you covered. Polyjacking, also known as mudjacking or slabjacking, is one of the most effective repair solutions for foundation repair and concrete leveling. Due to the dense, clay soil in

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