Do You Have Sticking Windows?

Foundation Problems Might Be To Blame

Are your windows sticking? Have you already tried cleaning and lubricating the window track and removing any paint? How about your doors? Are they sticking, too. Have you adjusted and taken care of issues related to humidity? Then the reason for your sticking windows and doors might surprise you.

Windows and doors that stick are often one of the first signs that there is an issue with your foundation. Foundation repair can restore balance to all aspects of your home, allowing you once again to open your windows and doors with ease.

An open window. Sticking windows might be a sign of foundation failure

Fixing Foundation Problems Early Keeps Costs Down

Sticking windows and doors or ones that no longer align correctly are often a sign of a shifting foundation. This is the time to seek repairs for your foundation issues. Taking care of your foundation in these early stages saves money on needless repairs to the windows and doors as they are often not the actual issue. It can also save your home from larger issues which can result as your foundation continues to shift.

This is the time to call a professional to check your foundation and recommend repairs to correct and realign your home. Taking action in these early stages can help correct and restore your home to balance before greater issues arise. Additionally, the earlier you address foundation issues in your home, the more likely that less invasive and less costly options will be available for your home repair and restoration.

Waiting to correct your foundation issues, once sticking windows and doors their ugly head, can result in greater issues. These issues range from unsightly, to costly and ultimately possibly dangerous. As your foundation continues to shift, you may notice gaps around your windows and exterior doors, uneven or sagging floors, or even cracks in your interior and exterior walls. If you have a crawl space, you might find vertical cracks or water or moisture damage.

Pierman Can Determine if Sticking Windows are a Sign of Foundation Problems

If you have tried the easy fixes for your sticking doors and sticking windows and they are still sticking, it is time to contact the foundation specialist at Pierman Foundation Repair Services. If you are ready to ‘shut the door’ on foundation issues in your home, let Pierman Foundation Repair Services help you. With over 20 years of experience and focused expertise in foundation repair, we are ready to help stop structural issues in their tracks.

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