Musty Odors Invading Your Home? Check the Crawl Space

Musty odors in a home with a crawl space? It ‘must’ be moisture problems.

Musty odors are a sure sign there is dangerous moisture and mold in the crawl space.

Crawl Space Maintenance Crucial

Even if you own one of the 20% of homes in the US that has a crawl space, you still likely rarely think about it. A crawl space is an open area beneath a house that provides access to the home’s electrical and plumbing units. This access can make repairs easier and less costly. Having a crawl space can also provide durability to your home especially in earthquake-prone areas.

crawl space repairHowever, if not properly taken care of, crawl spaces can have detrimental effects on a home beyond the musty odors. Crawl spaces can be breeding grounds for moisture, mold, rotting wood, pests, radon and even standing water. As you can imagine, these can adversely alter both the structure of a home’s foundation but also the air quality within a home as 40- 50% of the air you breath in your home comes through the crawl space.

Musty Odors Far From Only Problems

Moisture and mold can cause exacerbations for those with breathing issues such as asthma and other lung ailments. Additionally, the presence of mold in one’s air source can contribute to a wide variety of health issues.

This moisture combined with times of possible standing water also can contribute to structural issues that affect the foundational integrity of your home. Along with the moisture, radon can also seep from the material below through the house’s foundation. Lastly, an unprotected crawl space can become home to many unwelcome pests.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

Rest assured, crawl space encapsulation addresses all these concerns and gives your home the upgrade it deserves. Crawl space encapsulation preserves the structural integrity and improves indoor air quality of a home. Let our professionals at Pierman Foundation Services walk you through the process of crawl space encapsulation. Using a profession avoids the pitfall of incorrect work, future costly repairs and worse yet potential safety hazards.

Crawl Space Encapsulation comprises:

  1. Evaluation of specify services needed
  2. Clean space and complete any mold remediation if necessary
  3. Seal the crawl space with a vapor barrier to prevent moisture
  4. Address proper drainage
  5. Insure closure to keep out pests

Once completed, a crawl space encapsulation will provide the home owner with better quality air and preservation of structural integrity of the home. Additional benefits include better HVAC efficiency and the knowledge that unwanted pests are not sharing your home. At Pierman Foundation Services we specialize in crawl space encapsulation allowing you to breath easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

Get rid of the musty odors, the mold, the potential structural problems. Contact us for a free quote.

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