Helical Tieback Anchors in Oklahoma

Basement walls can fail over time and begin to bow. It is often caused by too much lateralHelical tiebacks for bowing walls pressure from the soil outside. Once a wall starts to bow, it will continue to get worse and create a very unstable base for your home. At the first sign of a bowing or leaning wall, call the professionals at Pierman Foundation Repair Services. We have the expertise and products needed to fix your bowing walls and make sure that they are strengthened to keep your home safe. Helical tieback anchors are designed to straighten and strengthen basement walls.

Bowing walls are caused from hydrostatic pressure pushing against your foundation walls from the outside of your home. Hydrostatic pressure causes the weight against the walls to exceed their capacity. Helical tieback anchors consist of a long rod with a corkscrew end that attaches to a wall plate inside of the foundation wall. These helical anchors are installed from the inside the basement wall through a small hole that is then sealed and repair after installation. With exterior excavation, the wall can be immediately pulled back to its original level.

Helical Tiebacks for Bowing or Leaning Walls in Muskogee, OK

Pierman Foundation Repair Services uses helical tiebacks that are made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer of foundation repair products made in the industry. The benefits of using helical tiebacks for strengthening and straightening bowing walls are:

  • Maximizes flexibility with changing soil conditions
  • No excavation to remove
  • No concrete trucks needed
  • Installs in any weather
  • Immediate testing and loading
  • Labor costs are minimized
  • Installs in limited access areas

If you are in need of bowing wall repair, call the professionals at Pierman Foundation Repair Services and let us examine your bowing walls. We can get your walls back to their original level and get them strengthened so they will keep your home safe. Don’t ignore your bowing walls. They can also be a sign of foundation failure. Let the professionals at Pierman Foundation Repair Services examine your foundation and walls and offer the best solution for your repair needs. Contact us today for foundation settlement in Oklahoma!