Foundation Repair, Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Muskogee, Oklahoma

Terms like "foundation repair" or "structural water problems" are ones that most homeowners dread hearing.

But while no one wants their home to be having foundation problems or for crawl space moisture to be causing their floor joists to rot, ignoring the signs is among the worst choices you can make. Foundation problems won't fix themselves, and the longer you wait to have it repaired the more worse the symptoms are going to get.

Instead, give the foundation repair and crawl space experts at Pierman Foundation Repair Services a call to set up a free estimate and get the peace of mind of knowing your home is once again structurally sound.

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foundation repair with piers in muskogee, ok

Foundation Repair Solutions for Muskogee, OK

Foundation repair is an important service for many of our area's residents.

The common severe weather in Oklahoma can wreak havoc on foundations. In fact, foundation movement is often caused by changes in the moisture content of the soil, resulting from excess precipitation or from dry, drought-like conditions.

The unpredictable weather changes in Muskogee, OK make foundation repair a must-have for many homeowners.

Causes of Foundation Failure

foundation repair in muskogee okThere are several common signs of foundation failure. The most common of these signs include:

If you notice any of these signs, it may be an indicator that you are in need of foundation solutions from Pierman Foundation Repair Services.

How We Fix Failing Foundations

We offer a variety of solutions for all types of foundation problems.

For instance, if you have a settling foundation, we can use our steel pier or helical pier installation services to effectively support the weight of your home or business.

The piers are drilled or sunk down until they reach a load-bearing strata of soil. Once they have reached soil that can support the building's weight, we will hydraulically level the foundation and attach it to the piers by brackets. The building's weight is then transferred onto the piers, giving it the stability that the soil immediately beneath the foundation lacked.

If you have bowing or leaning foundation walls, we offer helical tiebacks to straighten them out fast.

The helical tiebacks extend perpendicular to the walls out into the surrounding soil. The tiebacks, which have the same type of helical plates found in helical piers, anchor the walls in the soil, countering the force of the soil pushing in on the walls, causing them to bow or lean.

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Muskogee, OK, Waterproofing Solutions

In addition to foundation repair, waterproofing is another important service that we offer.

Due to the large amount of severe storms that hit Oklahoma on a regular basis, your home may be left vulnerable to basement water seepage. Cracks in the foundation caused by shifting or settlement can increase this problem. If water collects near the foundation and is allowed to seep through the cracks, it may cause serious issues in the basement, such as flooding or pooling, mold growth, high humidity and condensation, and water stains and damage.

Prevent these issues with one of the premiere waterproofing solutions from Pierman Foundation Repair Services.

waterproofing will stop water in your yard for homes in muskogee okWhether is is water pooling in the yard or excess groundwater pushing against your foundation, we have a solution for you.

One of these solutions is French drain installation. These systems, typically made up of gravel and perforated pipe, are designed to reduce the amount of water that is allowed to pool around your foundation, and lower the saturation of water in the ground around your home by directing it away from the house.

This reduces the chances that the water will leak through cracks in your foundation or seep through the porous concrete to create issues for your basement or crawlspace. Waterproofing your home will not only protect you from a wet basement, but will also keep your foundation sturdy by reducing harmful water seepage.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Staves Off Water Issues

Crawl spaces tend to be dark and, all too often, damp places.

Unfortunately, those conditions can make them ripe for problems that range from annoying to structurally damaging to harmful for your health.

Problems that can be caused by excess moisture or water in a crawl space include:

  • Musty odors
  • Pest infestations
  • Wood rot
  • Sagging, spongy floors
  • Mold and mildew growth

The solution is to prevent the moisture from getting into your crawl space to begin with.

That is where crawl space encapsulation comes in. Using a vapor barrier placed around the walls and floor of your crawl space, along with other tools and materials, we seal off your crawl space to prevent the water or humidity from accumulating there

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