French Drain Installation in Oklahoma

If you are experiencing drainage issues in your Oklahoma home, let Pierman Foundation Repair Services install a proper drainage system. Addressing a drainage issue before it becomes a major problem can prevent basement flooding, water leaks and foundation problems.

When you have standing water in and around your foundation it can enter your basement through any opening, or crack it can find. Standing water can also cause foundation problems. By installing a drainage system, you can keep the water from pooling in your yard and around your home. Don't let water become a problem around your home every time it rains.

French Drain Systems

What is a French Drain?

French drains are a common means for forcing water away from your home. A trench containing gravel and perforated pipe is installed. Water seeps through the gravel to the pipe, where it is carried either away from your foundation or to a different place in your yard to prevent the water from pooling.

What are the Advantages of a French Drain System?

  1. They effectively carry water away from your foundation, preventing the problems that can come with pooling or standing water.
  2. They are straightforward and versatile, allowing for them to be used in a wide variety of waterproofing situations.
  3. French Drains typically require only a narrow trench, avoiding large-scale excavations.

Searching for a French Drain Installer Near You? Choose Pierman Foundation Repair Services

Keeping water drained away from your foundation is important. Let the experts at Foundation Repair Services install a surface drainage system for your home. We have the experience and use the best products available. We serve Muskogee, OK and the surrounding areas.