Mudjacking in Oklahoma

Concrete sinking, moving and settling is caused when the soil beneath the concrete shifts and moves due to the changing moisture content. When the soil becomes too saturated with water, it will heave and when dry, it will shrink and create voids beneath the concrete. This constant shifting of the soil also causes the concrete to shift, settle and move. It can be costly to remove and replace concrete. However, this will not help due to the fact that your concrete is still sitting on unstable soil. In a few years, the new concrete will need to be repaired.

The most vulnerable areas that usually need concrete repair are:

  • Concrete slab home foundation
  • Garage floors
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Pool slabs

There are several methods of concrete repair including polyjacking and mudjacking. The experts at Foundation Repair Services (FRS), uses the polyjacking method for concrete repair. There are several reasons why this is the preferred method.

Concrete Leveling Using Polyjacking vs Mudjacking in Muskogee, OK

The difference between polyjacking and mudjacking is that polyjacking uses two liquid components to make up thePolyjacking vs mudjacking for concrete repair in Muskogee, OK by FRS polyurethane foam. Mudjacking uses a grout material that is much heavier and does not expand as polyurethane does and it does not compact the soil surrounding the concrete.

When concrete is on unstable soil, it is better to use the polyjacking method over mudjacking due to the fact that it weight 3-4 pounds per cubic foot compared to 100-150 pounds per cubic foot that mudjacking weighs. This makes polyurethane foam injection (polyjacking) less likely to overburdened already unstable soil.

There are several other advantages to the polyjacking process vs mudjacking such as:

  • Does not break down or wear away
  • Not affected by water
  • Will not lose or change shape
  • Lightweight
  • More economical
Polyjacking will make the end result much more attractive due to the fact that it only takes a very small, 5/8" hole to be drilled compared to 1 or 2" holes for mudjacking. The polyjacking method is simple. The first step is to drill these small holes and then inject the polurethane foam. This foam will expand to fill the entire voids beneath the concrete and level the concrete. Then the holes are filled and because the curing time for polyurethane is only 15 minutes, the concrete is ready to use immediately after the repair is done.

Polyjacking will save you money in the long run since it will strengthen the soil surrounding the concrete and keep your concrete level for years to come. Mudjacking and concrete replacement will not do that since the real problem is the unstable soil beneath the concrete

Let the professionals at FRS inspect your concrete repair needs and give you a free estimate. We have the experience and use the best products available for concrete repair. Don't hesitate, contact us today!