Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Foundation Repair Solutions

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, severe storms and harsh winds are a common occurrence. These weather conditions can lead to several structural problems and even foundation failure. Call a foundation repair expert today if you see any of the signs of foundation failure in your home, such as floor cracks, bowing or leaning walls, sticking doors or windows, wall cracks, crumbling foundation, wet basement, ceiling cracks, sloped or uneven floors, or settlement. Pierman Foundation Repair Services are the experts on all types of foundation repair in Broken Arrow, OK.

foundation repair in broken arrow ok by pierman foundation repair servicesThere are several factors that can lead to foundation failure, including:

  • Hydrostatic pressure: If the soil around your home absorbs a large amount of water due to severe rain, the hydrostatic pressure in the soil will increase, pushing on the foundation and causing it to shift or crack.
  • Erosion: Excess water can also lead to erosion, which washes away soil beneath the home to form voids and spaces; these voids cannot support the foundation, and it settles as a result.
  • Soil shrinkage: The shrinking of soil due to dry, drought-like conditions can also cause foundation sinking and void formation, as the soil falls away to create spaces.
  • Poor soil compaction: If the soil beneath your home was poorly compacted at the time of construction, it will settle over time, taking the above foundation with it.

If you have a settling foundation, we can provide underpinning services with steel push piers or helical piers installation. These piers anchor into load-bearing soil to support the structure while stabilizing and lifting the foundation. Shifting or cracking foundations may require helical tiebacks to pull the foundation back into place and fix any bowing or leaning foundation walls. We also offer polyjacking services to fill voids beneath the foundation and stabilize the structure.

Waterproofing and Drainage in Broken Arrow, OK and Muskogee, OK

Pooling water around your home and cracks in the foundation due to shifting or settlement can lead to a water problem. If water is allowed to seep into your crawlspace or basement, it may cause serious issues, such as flooding or pooling, mold growth, high humidity and condensation, and water stains and damage. Drainage techniques from Pierman Foundation Repair Services can reduce this problem in your home.

Pooling water, water seepage through concrete, and water leakage through foundation cracks can all be fixed with a premiere drainage or encapsulation solutions from Pierman Foundation Repair Services. We offer surface drainage and exterior drainage to keep water away from your home. These systems work together to reduce both water pooling in your yard and the amount of groundwater around your foundation, reducing the likelihood of water seepage. We also provide crawlspace encapsulation services to seal water out of your crawlspace and prevent mold growth. This process involves installing a waterproof barrier that resists the diffusion of water vapor through the porous concrete of the foundation.

If you need foundation repair or drainage systems for your home in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, contact Pierman Foundation Repair Services today. Call us today for more information on any of our services.