Poor Water Management Leads to Wet Basements & Crawlspaces in Muskogee, OK

Learn How to Fix Water Management Problems OK and AR Do you have water in the basement of your Muskogee, Oklahoma home? If so, it could be due to poor waterproofing in the interior and exterior of your home. The

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Humid Crawl Space or Basement? Here’s Why!

Humid Basement and Crawl Space Repair in Oklahoma Do you have a humid basement or crawl space? If you notice humid air, damp walls, and condensation on pipes and ductwork, you may be dealing with a moisture problem in your

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Storm Damage? Clean it Up with Waterpoofing from FRS

Oklahoma Waterproofing for Storm Damage Heavy storms can wreck havoc on your home in Oklahoma. When heavy rains start pounding your home, there is a chance that water might start to enter your basement. Storms can also cause foundation problems that

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Common Waterproofing and Foundation Needs in Oklahoma

Red Dirt Curse Our red dirt is as much a part of Oklahoma’s make-up like oil fields, odd weather patterns, and historical cattle drives. But unfortunately, the iconic red dirt and lack of precipitation can wreak havoc on foundations. Oklahoma

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Crawl Space Repair in Tulsa, OK

Crawl Space Repair in the Tulsa, OK Area Most homeowners are not aware that the structural integrity and overall health of the crawl space affect the overall health and safety of the family. Issues in the crawl space can lead

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Springtime Storms Mean Damp & Wet Crawl Spaces

Prevent Crawl Space Water in OK and AR Every year, severe spring storms sweep the Oklahoma and Arkansas area, causing pooling water and water seepage into crawl spaces. Water intrusion can be problematic for homeowners, creating both immediate and long

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Water Management Prevents Foundation Problems – Here’s How

Why Invest in Water Management in Muskogee, OK? If your home has inadequate waterproofing or poor drainage, water can build up around the foundation. These conditions can make your home vulnerable to serious health issues and financial concerns. As the

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Common Waterproofing Problems in Oklahoma

Waterproofing Problems in Oklahoma If you live in Oklahoma, you are probably aware of some of the common water problems that can occur in your home or business. You may also wonder if you are the only one with the

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Underpinning & Foundation Repair in Oklahoma

Steel Piers for Foundation Repair in Oklahoma The foundation your home or business sits on in Oklahoma is susceptible to settlement and failure due to the soil the foundation sits on. When the soil beneath the foundation gets wet is will

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Foam Jacking, Mud jacking, and Concrete Jacking in Muskogee, OK

When it comes to concrete repair, replacing concrete is not the most cost-effective or best method for concrete that has settled and moved. The soil beneath concrete can be unstable and constantly shift. That is why it is better to

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