Prepare Your Home for the Next Oklahoma Winter

Protect Yourself from the Harsh Weather

As residents of Oklahoma know well, snowstorms and ice storms are just a part of winter. Unfortunately, they can cause extreme winter foundation preparationdamage to your home and property. However, there are certain ways that you can protect yourself ahead of time by preparing your home for Oklahoma winter.

Five Ways to be Winter-Ready

1. Keep Your House Warm. Don’t let the temperature in your home drop below 65 degrees during the winter, or else the chances for your pipes to freeze may increase. If your pipes freeze, they can burst and cause serious damage. Also, learn how to shut the water off in your home. If your pipes do freeze, the water must be turned off immediately until you can get a plumber to come and take a look at them.

2. Seal & Heal. Be sure to mend any existing holes and cracks in your foundation walls or siding. This will prevent water and snow from seeping into your basement and creating a musty and wet environment. You can also protect windows and skylights with weather stripping, and protect your water pipes with caulking.

3. Trim the Trees. Strong winter storms can snap branches off your trees and send them flying towards your home or vehicle. It is important to trim your trees and cut off any weak branches beforehand to prevent this from happening.

4. Clean Your Gutters. Your gutter system is very important when it comes to draining water away from your home. If your gutters are clogged by sticks, leaves, dirt, or other debris, they can overflow and cause water and snow to build up around your home. If the melted snow cannot properly fall down your drainpipes, it will find it’s way into your house by seeping through your ceiling. Have your gutters cleaned out before winter hits, and keep them maintained on a regular basis. You can also purchase gutter guards at your local hardware store to prevent clogging and allow free-flowing.

5. Seek Professional Help. Hire an expert to look for structural damage in your home. Whether it be a cracked foundation or a sinking staircase, these dangers can become even more hazardous in the winter. It is important to get all repairs taken care of before winter hits. Call one of our professional contractors here at Oklahoma Foundation Repair to set up an inspection. We can also install a waterproofing system for you to keep your home safe and dry throughout the winter season and all year round.


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