Residential Water Management Solutions Prevent Foundation Problems

Why Invest in Residential Water Management in Muskogee, OK? If your home has inadequate waterproofing or poor drainage, water can build up around the foundation. These conditions can make your home vulnerable to serious health issues and financial concerns. As

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Common Waterproofing Problems in Oklahoma

Waterproofing Problems in Oklahoma If you live in Oklahoma, you are probably aware of some of the common water problems that can occur in your home or business. You may also wonder if you are the only one with the

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Underpinning & Foundation Repair in Oklahoma

Steel Piers for Foundation Repair in Oklahoma The foundation your home or business sits on in Oklahoma is susceptible to settlement and failure due to the soil the foundation sits on. When the soil beneath the foundation gets wet is will

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Foam Jacking, Mudjacking, and Concrete Jacking in Muskogee, OK

When it comes to concrete repair, replacing concrete is not the most cost-effective or best method for concrete that has settled and moved. The soil beneath concrete can be unstable and constantly shift. That is why it is better to

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The Cost and Benefits of Polyjacking for Muskogee, OK

When it comes to concrete repair in your Muskogee, OK home, you probably put it off due to what the cost will be. The professionals at Pierman Foundation Repair Services uses a method for concrete lifting and leveling called polyjacking.

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Wet Ground Can Affect Your Foundation

The last two years in Oklahoma has seen its share of spring and summer rains. Prior to this, the Muskogee, Oklahoma area was in a drought. This change in the moisture content of the soil beneath your foundation can cause

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