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OK Foundation Repair Solutions from FRS

helical piersFoundation repair is an important service for homeowners who are dealing with sinking and settling foundations. Because the foundation is the part of the home that provides support for everything else, it is vital that it stays healthy and free of issues. If you notice cracks or movement in your foundation, call the expert team at Pierman Foundation Repair Services OK right away. We provide the solutions that you need to keep foundation failure at bay.

Normally, foundation problems are caused by some sort of movement in the soil that surrounds the foundation. This can happen when there is too much water in the soil (erosion or hydrostatic pressure), when there is not enough water in the soil (soil shrinkage), or when the soil under the concrete was not prepared adequately (soil compaction). Whatever is causing your foundation problem, be sure to have it taken care of right away.

Pierman Foundation Repair Services in Muskogee, Oklahoma is able to give you the foundation repair products and solutions that you need. We offer top quality products from the leading supplier, ECP (Earth Contact Products). We put your safety and satisfaction first – that is why we use the best products and hire only hardworking professionals.

Pierman Foundation Repair Services OK for Your Home

In order to fix all of the foundation problems that Oklahoma homeowners deal with, we have a wide selection of different foundation repair options. The services that we offer for your OK foundation repair needs include:

  • Steel Piers / Helical Piers: These are used to underpin and lift foundations that have started to settle or sink due to soil compaction or movement. The piers are driven into the ground or screwed into the soil and used in place of the soil below to support the concrete.
  • Helical Tiebacks: This kind of product works a lot like a helical pier in that it is screwed into the ground. However, tiebacks are screwed into the ground laterally and attached to bowing or leaning basement walls to restore shifted foundation walls.
  • Plate Anchors: These anchors are also used to repair bowing and leaning foundation walls. They consist of an anchor that is sunk into the ground and a rod and plate which are also installed underground and attach the foundation wall to the anchor. The rod is then tightened to pull the wall back to the right position.
  • Polyjacking / Foam jacking: This a method of concrete lifting and leveling that involves injecting a polyurethane foam solution into voids beneath the concrete to provide missing support and lift the entire slab.

These are just a few of the services that we offer here at Pierman Foundation Repair Services. We also provide waterproofing, crawlspace repair, and new construction piers. For more information on the professional foundation repair services OK that we can provide for your home, contact us today.

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