Can Water Leak in my Foundation Slab? Reasons You May Need Foundation Slab Repair

A slab foundation is constructed of concrete and fits over the footings which are also made of concrete. The footings are anchored to the slab with reinforced steel bars. The slab foundation provides support for your home.  If the construction of the slab is not done properly, there can be soil movement under the slab along with water leaks under the slab. This may mean that your home needs foundation slab repair. Some of the causes of water leaks under the slab are:

  • Foundation cracks can lead to leaks. This may mean you need foundation slab repair. Cracked water pipes under the slab
  • Root intrusion
  • Expansion and contraction of the soil
  • Improper drainage of water away from the home
  • Lack of gutters

Leaks under a slab foundation can cause water to get into your home. It can also cause the soil to heave in the affected area, causing structural damage throughout the home. Some of the damage includes:

  • Ceiling cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Sloping floors
  • Doors and windows will stick
  • Bowing or leaning walls

If you suspect a water leak under your slab, it is important to have a professional come in and inspect your slab foundation. The experts at Pierman Foundation Repair Services will come and give you a free inspection and offer you the best repair solution to fit your needs.

Foundation Slab Repair Solutions

If we find that you are in need of foundation slab repair, Pierman Foundation Repair Services offers hydraulic lift slab piers. These steel slab piers are driven into the ground to load-bearing soil and the steel slab piers use the weight of the slab and surrounding structure to resist the force of the pier.

These steel slab piers are installed using a grid pattern with spacing no greater than five feet apart. After they are installed, the load of the slab is transferred across the piers by activating the hydraulic rams with a manifold lift system. We use steel slab piers that are manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the best in the industry. They are an end-bearing pier that do not rely on skin friction to produce support.

If you are concerned about water leaks under your foundation slab, let the professionals at Pierman Foundation Repair Services inspect your slab foundation and get it repaired before further structural damage occurs.

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