Common Problems with Slab Foundations & How To Fix Them

Most homes in Oklahoma are built on slab foundations, which is a foundation that consists of a single layer of concrete without a basement or crawl space beneath it. Slab foundations are poured thicker at the edges to form the footing. They usually rest on a bed of gravel for drainage purposes.

Slab foundations are beneficial because they require minimum labor, excavation, and cost. However, there are several issues that can occur with slab foundations:

1. Foundation Settlement:

Over time, foundation slabs will naturally settle into the ground. However, if this settlement happens too quickly because of poor soil conditions or overwatering, it can cause your foundation to settle at an uneven rate, in turn causing structural damage to your home. Some of the signs you may have foundation settlement include cracks in brick and masonry, a leaning chimney, and doors and windows that won’t fit into their frames. Foundation settlement can be repaired using helical piers that are driven deep into the ground to raise the slab back in place and prevent further movement of your foundation.

2. Upheaval:

uneven concrete

Upheaval is the opposite of foundation settlement. Instead of settling into the ground, the slab foundation is raised in certain areas due to increased moisture in the soil. Oklahoma slab foundations are especially prone to this because of the dense clay soil that is underneath most homes. Upheaval can also occur if your slab foundation was not properly installed. If you notice that your countertops, floors, and walls seem uneven, you may be experiencing slab foundation upheaval. The solution to this problem is installing a proper drainage system to ensure that water isn’t oversaturating your soil. You may also need crack repair if your upheaval has caused any damage to your foundation.

3. Foundation Cracks:

These can be a result of both slab foundation settlement and upheaval. If your foundation has shifted too much for it to bear, cracks will form and get worse over time. Cracks in your foundation can allow unwanted insects into your home, as well as moisture that can lead to mold and structural damage. If you notice or suspect slab foundation cracks, it is important to get them repaired right away to avoid further damage. Measure your cracks to see if they are wider than 1/16th of an inch. If they are, call a professional immediately.

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